Raw Cashew Nut In Shell

Cashew nut flowers

Tender Green Cashew Nut

Cashew Nut Flowers with tender nuts

Ripe Cashew Apple with nuts

Raw Cashew Nuts are harvested from the Cashew nut tree in first half of the year in the Northern hemisphere and second half of the year in the southern hemisphere. Farmers usually pick fallen cashew apples and wring the raw cashew nut off the fruit. The raw cashew nut is then dried on flat clean ground for a day or two in the sun to preserve the nuts. A well dried raw cashew nut will have about 9% to 10% of inherent moisture.

Dried raw cashew nut in shell


Country of Origin

Year of Harvest

Counts of nuts per kg

Yield of good cashew kernel per kg (lbs/80kg)

Yield of 2nd quality cashew kernel per kg (lbs/80kg)

Rejected bad cashew kernels per kg

Shells per kg

Moisture of the raw cashew nut in %

The Image shows Raw cashew harvest months of various countries. These are approximations and some of the raw cashew crops may yield nuts slightly early or slightly later months than shown in the picture.