Cashew Nut Kernel


Subraya ensures that every single cashew nut kernel is hygienic. By following principles of HACCP, GMP, BRC and ISO Subraya has brought new standards in hygiene management of the cashew nut factory. Each cashew nut kernel can be traced back to the supplier of the Raw Cashew Nut. Such stringent traceability brings in accountability at every single level in our supply chain of the cashew nut and various cashew nut kernel processing stages in the cashew factory.

Subraya proudly claims -

  • NO Foreign bodies in cashew nut

  • NO Insects in cashew nut

  • NO Microbial contamination in cashew nut

  • NO Dust in cashew nut

  • NO Metal pieces in cashew nut

Extreme care is taken to clean the hands and legs of the cashew nut processing workers that enter the processing area. Workers and visitors without exception wear head caps, aprons, coats to prevent contamination into the cashew nut kernels. The factory has tiled flooring that are cleaned and an air tight atmosphere in the working areas preventing major particulate entry and more. All this to give the world the promised CLEAN Cashew Nuts.


“Prevention is better than cure.” Subraya takes hygiene one step further and makes the cashew nut kernels free of excess moisture. No free moisture in cashew nut kernels means

  • NO Clumping in cashew nut

  • NO Discoloration in cashew nut

  • NO Taste loss in cashew nut

  • NO Insect infestation in cashew nut

  • NO Microbial growth in cashew nut

And that is why Subraya never uses water in any form to artificially add moisture into the cashew nut. Subraya brings smiles to the cashew nut roasters, who do not have to worry about weight loss due to moisture.

Naturally CRISP for the naturally superb crunchy taste of Subraya Cashew nut kernels.


Subraya delivers to its customers cashew nuts free of all defects. Very low percentage of broken cashew nuts, extremely low percentage of scrapping on the cashew nut to give uniform roast appearance, uniform shape and size, fresh cashew nuts for the sweetest taste make the cashew nuts from Subraya the BEST.

For better understanding the grading system as per INDIAN DOMESTIC MARKET FOR CASHEW NUTS and INTERNATIONAL GRADING FOR CASHEW NUTS click these links