Cashew Nut kernels are graded on the basis of their size, shape, colour. A grade of cashew nut is denoted by two or more alphabets and a number.

For eg: WW 320 would mean white whole 320. The cashew nut kernel will be white or ivory coloured. It will be a naturally whole kernel without any breakages. In a measure of one pound in weight(454grams) of the particular graded cashew nut kernel, there will be 320 number of cashew nut kernels.

Cashew Export Council of India and Association of Food Industries have set few parameters for various grades. The below links will give in-depth information regarding the same.

Cashew Nut Kernel Specifications and Grade Chart on CEPCI website.

The following websites of Cashew Export Promotion Council of India defines the grades of cashew nuts for Indian exporters. The Association of Food Industries, USA defines cashew nut grades for importers of cashew nuts for USA.