RAW CASHEW NUT Moisture Meter


Developed by K Subraya Anantha Kamath and Sons in associtaiton with IXE Tronics Pvt Ltd.

This device is simple and durable. For a long time there was no moisture meter for measuring the raw cashew nut moisture. The laboratory methods are based on destructive tests. Moreover the test take a long time to give results.

CULTI -7 raw cashew Moisture meter for raw cashew nut is instant in giving a result with 0.2% accuracy.

Simply weigh 700grams of raw cashew nut into the Durable raw cashew nut moisture meter and in a second get the result. Verify multiple times within minutes.

Anyone with basic knowledge can operate this machine.

It has rechargeable batteries integrated into the bottom of the device. Battery life is long enough for a days work of measuring raw cashew nut moisture in the deep farms of Africa, Indonesia etc. where power is unavailable.

It is made of stainless steel and literally strong as steel.

Culti 7 Raw cashew moisture meter being used on feild