RAW CASHEW NUT & cashew nut kernel Moisture Meter


Developed by K Subraya Anantha Kamath and Sons in associtaiton with IXE Tronics Pvt Ltd.

This device is simple and durable. For a long time there was no moisture meter for measuring the raw cashew nut moisture. The laboratory methods are based on destructive tests. Moreover the test take a long time to give results.

CULTI -7 raw cashew Moisture meter for raw cashew nut is instant in giving a result with 0.2% accuracy.

Simply weigh 700grams of raw cashew nut into the Durable raw cashew nut moisture meter and in a second get the result. Verify multiple times within minutes.

Anyone with basic knowledge can operate this machine.

It has rechargeable batteries integrated into the bottom of the device. Battery life is long enough for a days work of measuring raw cashew nut moisture in the deep farms of Africa, Indonesia etc. where power is unavailable.

It is made of stainless steel and literally strong as steel.

Raw Cashew Nut moisture measurement in field using CULTI 7

Culti 7 Raw cashew moisture meter being used on feild

cashew nut moisture meter CULTI 7 various angles

Video showing method of using


Raw Cashew Moisture Metre


Digital Moisture Meter

Product Guide

Feature Highlight

  1. Instant and accurate measurement

  2. Portable

  3. Rechargeable

  4. Easy to use

  5. Non-destructive sample testing

  6. Rugged Design

  7. Durable

The IXE Tronics Digital Moisture Meter is a handheld device that provides a direct readout of moisture content levels of produce. It is used to guide farmers, traders, and processors in determining whether the produce is safe for processing or storage.

Powering up & Recharging the device

To turn on the device, press the switch as indicated in Figure A When the meter is turned on, the display briefly displays the logo and enters the Measurement mode.

The LOW BATTERY indicator will be displayed if the meter is on and the battery voltage is low.

To recharge the battery press the switch as indicated in Figure B and connect the charging cable. Ensure that you are using the connector provided in the package.

Meter Storage & Cleaning

For a long service life, it is important to store your meter properly. Avoid excessively hot or cold locations. Do not store the meter in an area with excessive electromagnetic interference.

Clean the device before and after each reading with a plastic brush and dry paper towel/cloth. A clean device ensures consistent reading. Do not use water or any other liquid to clean the device. In case the inner tube becomes slightly wet or has some moisture content, dry the device before usage.

Items in the packaging box

The packing box contains the following accessories.

  • Digital Moisture Meter

  • 5V Power Adapter

  • USB to DC Jack Cable

  • 3.7 V battery (installed)

Technical Specification

Measurement Range- 0 % -20%

Resolution- 0.1 %

Power supply 3.7V -4.2V Li-ion Battery

Working temperature 20ºC -40ºC

Volume-1000 cc

Material-SS, Plastic

Dimension (in mm)-10 x 240 (D X H)

Weight-550 g (w/o battery)

Display-Oled Display

Power Adaptor-5V, 1A

Standard Operating Procedure

Ensure the inner tube of the meter is clean.

Switch on the moisture meter.

Ensure that the battery level is not low,

Measure the recommended quantity of the commodity on an accurate weighing scale with at least 1 gram of accuracy.

Fill the commodity to the brim/top of the meter. Gently shake the device to ensure uniform filling.

Check the reading on display.

Ensure that the correct commodity is displayed on the meter.

Repeat the procedure multiple times to better understand the commodity being measured.

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