Organic Cashew Nuts

What is Organic?

  • No chemicals are used

  • No artificial fertilisers are used, only organic compost

  • No synthetic odours, colourings and flavourings are added

  • No GMO is allowed

  • The ‘natural circle’ is respected

  • All of the above criteria are controlled by a certifying body

Cashew nuts grown organically in the hills of Iritty, Kerala and Nileshwar, Kerala are not only tastiest but also most preferred all over the world due to their good taste and appearance.

Organic cashew nut is not very new to the world. But it is really difficult to find good cashew nut kernels that have quality in all aspects and without any insect infestation.

Organic cashew nut kernels from Goa and Maharastra also available and many customers prefer these due to their fine appearance and uniform size. Also, the taste is consistent and roasting these nuts give a good uniform golden brown colour.

We are certified to process organic cashew kernels and can help you fulfill your requirements of Organic Cashew Nut Kernels.