Cashew for Kaju Katli MITHAI

CASHEW NUT KERNEL comes in many shapes and sizes and colour. The sweet makers of India or the Mithaiwalas, have magic in their hands. The humble cashew nut is transformed into delicious mithai like kaju katli, kaju barfi, kaju rolls and many many items.

THE KAJU KATLI is the most loved mithai sweet of Bharat desh. Diamond shaped Kaju katli is made by different methods by different mithaiwalas. Cashew may be powdered first and then heated in pan fire along with sugar. Or the cashew nut will be soaked in water and then made into a paste first before heating it in pan with sugar. In both method the final result may be slighty different textured kaju katli or burfi but undoubetdly it is the worlds most delicious mitai sweet.



in the picture we have shown different GRADES of cashew nut kernels and the respective type of KAJU KATLI that is prepared from it. Cashew Mithai - Kaju Katli can be prepared or manufactured using, pieces of cashew nut like JH, S, JK, LWP, K, SWP etc. The larger the pieceS the better the colour of the kaju katli.

In recent years whole cashew nut grades like W320, A320, W300, SSW, SSW1, SW320, W450,W400, A400 and similar grades are also being used in manufacture of cashew nut mithai sweets.

Undoubtedly the cashew sweet KAJU KATLI made out JH and JK appear the most white. One can prepare KAJU KATLI and other sweets of cashew nuts with SW320 the scroched and blemished cashewnuts. Infact the sweets and mithai made out of SW320 or ssw1 or DW cashew grades turn out to be the tastiest though the colour is one shade duller than JK or JH grade. This is because the SW320 variety of cashew nut kernels are touched by the monsoon rains giving it a special extra flavour.

Explanation of Cashew Grades and you can click the link to buy it on our site

JH -jumbo half

JK-Jumbo Kudko or jumbo pieces

K- Kudko or medium pieces

LWP- large white pieces

SWP-Small White Pieces

320- 320 count cashew nut kernel full whole


SW-Scorched Whole

SSW-Shapeless Second Wholes

DW-Dessert Wholes