residol - residue of cnsl distillation

During the distillation process of cashew nut shell liquid CNSL a thick viscous portion of the liquid is left behind. This residue is called RESIDOL. It is a highly polymerised cashew nut shell liquid. It is very good for the manufacture of bakelite, friction dust materials. They are very good in thermal properties.

Specifications of Residol

Properties Result

Appearance Dark black thick liquid

Specific gravity at 30 degree celcius 1.01

Viscosity cps 71500

Flash point degree celsius Beyond 100

Solubility in hydro carbon Sparingly soluble

Polymerisation time in mins 2 mins max

Application of Residol

Foundry Core Oil

Formaldehyde Condensate of residol used in core oil binders

Surface Coatings

used in cycle paints, black paint medium

Brake Lining & Carburettor

Acidification & Formaldehyde condensation brush manufacturing product form friction particle used in brake lining

Rubber Industries

Residol is used as a plasticizer and as re-enforcing agent in rubber compounding

Friction Dust

Residol resin is pulverised and graded for different mesh size


Residol flows easily only in hot conditions. In order to save fuel and cost hot residol is packed in MS Drums of net weight of 205kgs. Cooled residol is flowable in Indian conditions however, it requires little external heating when the temperature is below 20 degrees Celcius. Some customers to save heating cost prefer flowable residol which is manufactured by mixing residol with cnsl, to achieve the viscosity required by the customer.