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An IS0 22000: 2018 Food Safety Management System Certified Factory

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Plain cashew nuts, brokens pieces and flavoured cashew nuts for your home consumption or gift to some one.

You can find chocolate cashew, pepper cashew, plain saltes, toasted and many many more.

Flexible Pouch Subraya Carton of Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nut kernels for the world markets. W320, W240, SW320, SW240, LWP, SPLITS and all grades of cashew nut kernels in bulk packing for shipment in 20feet or 40feet container boxes.

Cashew Nut Kernels

Cashew nut kernels for the Indian market. The highly segmented cashew market of Bharat or India is very demanding in terms of both quality and pricing. This has led to the creation of huge number of selection in grades of cashew nut kernels. The finish of the cashew nut kernels is used to further categorise the cashew nuts in to fine and coarse. Best looking cashew nuts for gift boxes as well as the best taste of cashew nut kernels is available based on the grades.

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Many people are intrigued by the cashew trade. It is healthy by nature, profitable in sales and makes it interesting 24x7 to run a cashew nut trade. Most of all, nothing beats being your own boss. We assist you in starting your cashew nut trade. Login and register, pick your first boxes and learn the ropes of selling and buying cashew nuts.

Dry Fruits and Flavoured Cashew Nuts

Our varieties of flavored cashew nut kernels are tastiest. Customers pop one roasted or salted cashew in their mouth and simply cannot stop from picking another one. Deep roasted, Salty, spicy, hot, sweet, chocolate, red chilly cashew, pepper cashew nuts and so many flavours just made the best among the nuts the coolest nut for a party. We also have roasted and salted almonds, pistachio etc

There is not another natural liquid from a nut shell that can be converted to make paint, plastic, glue, brake pads, insulator etc. Cashew nut shell liquid or CNSL or cashew phenol is a phenomenal renewable material that's both environmentally friendly and useful to society.

Committed to our customers' smile

Since 1945 we at Subraya have committed ourselves to only one thing -

"A Smiling Customer."

We Manufacture Cashew Nut Kernels in ISO 22000:Food Safety Management System certified factory. We have been cracking the cashew nut since 1945. We are very good at what we do. Raw cashew nuts are dried in the sun and then steamed into hard nuts so that we can cut the shells and pluck out the delicious cashew nut kernels. They are then dried in ovens and peeled off their skin or testa. Cashew nuts are then segregated as per colour and size. 

Cashew nuts from Kerala and Karnataka states of India are very tasty. Some of the tastiest cashew nuts grow on the Nilgiri Hills of western ghats of India. 

Cashew nuts are nutritious wholesome food with proteins, healthy fat and carbohydrates. Cashew nut grows outside its fruit, the Cashew Apple which is also full of vitamin C and tasty awesome.

We also make Flavoured cashew nuts like salted cashew, pepper cashew, masala cashew and a whole lot of other flavoured cashews. Visit our online retail store on Amazon

 Our mission is to provide

"Clean Crisp Cashew Nuts to the world."

We also make Cashew nut shell liquid, Cardanol, Residol and many more allied products and we strive to provide the versatile Cashew Nut Shell liquid and its distillates and derivatives tailored to customers requirements.

since 1945