Cazoo brand flavoured cashew nuts
Cazoo Roasted and Salted Cashewnut in a bowl
Cazoo Plain white cashewnut in a bowl
Cazoo chocolate coated cashew nuts in a fish bowl
Cazootree Green Chilli Cashewnut in a bowl

Roasted & Salted Cashew

Choco Cashew

Plain Cashew

Green Chilli Cashew

Cazootree red chilli cashewnut in a bowl

Red Chilli Cashew

Cazootree natural cashew nuts with skin in a bowl

Cashew with Skin

Cazootree Salt and Pepper cashewnut in a bowl

Roasted and Salted

Roasted in hot oil and salted to your taste, these cashews are worlds favourite.

Choco Cashews

Cashew coated with hard chocolate with the mmmm..... taste.

Green Chilly Cashew

For the adventurous, get the fresh pungent taste of a Green Chilly Pepper with your favourite nut.

Red Chilly Cashew

Only for the brave and yet a favourite, these cashews are coated with the Red Chilly Pepper powder.

Pepper and Salt Cashew

Black pepper ground to fine powder is coated on to the cashew making it simply irresistible.

Natural Wholes

Peel them feel them and eat them. Cashews in their naturally occuring skin make it fun to eat while keeping the nuts fresher.

Honey Sugar

If you have a sweet tooth we have the nut just for you. Sugar coated cashew with a hint of honey flavour. Totally yum.

And many more flavours like Garlic, Cream and Onion, Tomato etc are also available.

Tell us your preferred ingredients and its composition to your requirements and we will manufacture and pack the Cashew Nut Kernels to your requirements.

We can pack it for you in

  • Food grade plastic pouches ranging from 50gms to 1kg.
  • In PET jars of size and shape you require
  • In cans of your choice made of metal or composites.
  • In bulk packing of 25lbs or 50 lbs Flexible Pouches
  • In bulk packing of 10kg tins


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